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A podcast about dads and geeky stuff

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    Episode 42: Not Worth the Squeeze

    Andrew talks diet, fasting, and his team offsite in Florida and David talks about his (kind of) recent fight, keyboards, and ChipperCI.

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    Episode 40: Infinitely Jamon

    David and Andrew talk with Infinite Red co-founder Jamon Holmgren about running a remote-first business, prioritizing family, staying fit, react native, and open source.

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    Episode 38: New Endeavors

    Andrew discusses his recent job endeavors and David tells his tale about speaking at Laracon Australia

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    Episode 37: Laravel Nova and React Rally

    In this episode David talks about his Florida vacation, the recent Laravel Nova launch and controversy, and Andrew's wild time at React Rally.

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    Episode 36: Pneumonia and Wildfires

    David fights for his life while pulling off the biggest project of his career. Andrew tells the story about his new truck and the fire behind his house. Dad jokes, state management libraries, half marathons, JSX in Vue, it's all in there!

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    Episode 34: What Matters Most

    Andrew and David discuss how being fathers reflect on their professions, childhood cartoons, Apollo + GraphQL, and PushSilver SPA

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    Episode 33: We'll Never Forgretta

    Andrew and David laugh uncontrollably, talk about new opportunities, losing old friends, iframes, lots of testing, and Street Fighter.

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    Episode 30: Cold Turkey

    Andrew and David talk being grateful in a world full of turmoil, toilet geysers, Thanksgiving dad jokes, and getting started with React.

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    Episode 28: Nuts and Bolts

    Andrew talks the birds and bees with his oldest son, Engineering Retreat, and recent launch of his Promises and Async series. David talks going primitive with Laravel and Vue.

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    Episode 27: Big Fish and PostCSS

    Andrew tells his tale about how he shot a Halibut and David talks PostCSS and Beard V3. Also, more on the notification hiatus.

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    Episode 25: Popping Arms and Burning out

    Andrew and David talk about David's recent return to the Octagon, Andrew's Half Marathon, the latest launch of PushSilver, secret React Native projects, and dealing with burnout.

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    Episode 21: Night Terrors and Vim

    David and Andrew discuss recent projects, state management, Andrew's journey to Vim enlightenment, and Night Terrors.

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    Episode 19: Parenting and PWAs

    David and Andrew talk with Zack Argyle of Pinterest about Progressive Web Apps, Web Performance, Parenting, Remote Work, and what we're currently reading.

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    Episode 18: C-sections and Side Projects

    David and Andrew discuss the most recent addition to Andrew's household (baby Eden), C-section experiences, David and Andrew's new projects, Crondog and

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    Episode 16: Eggnog Savage

    David and Andrew sit down to catch up on life, David's move to MO, Andrew's cold house, Alaskan pregnancies and deliveries, recreating a react-like library, web performance, and code splitting in Javascript.

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    Episode 15: Catch Up & Mustard

    Andrew and David catch up on all the things. Scary times in the Hemphill household, Moving, Interplanetary Timezones, Testing, Server-side Rendering, Atomic CSS, Game Development, knowing when to shelve a project, having babies, dookie tomatoes, and The Martian.

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    Episode 14: JavaScript Loins

    Andrew and David talk with Michael Freaking Calkins about coming up as a developer, working for Musicbed, his exploits doing Javascript game dev and his love for the sport of airsoft.

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    Episode 13: Crossing the Streams

    David and Andrew talk with another David...David Stanley about his work at Help Scout, Andrew's new project Neckbeard, lego robotics, children learning to program, testing and more.

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    Episode 12: CSS Modules

    David and Andrew talk with Kent C. Dodds and Mark Dalgleish about CSS in Javascript techniques and packages like Aphrodite, CSS Modules, and Atomic CSS.

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    Episode 11: Guerilla Ballfare

    David and Andrew talk with UX Designer Zach Herring about Zach's history, Zach's current role at EMC, Styleguides, Healthy Designer / Developer ratio, Having an empowered team, Casino Royale, and overly progressive design.

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    Episode 10: Mythbuster

    David and Andrew talk about Andrew's recent half-marathon, David's daughter's hospital visit, pregnancy, diapers, atomic CSS and Beard.

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    Episode 9: Nightmare on Elm Street

    David and Andrew talk with Murphy "Splodingsocks" Randle about Elm Lang, React / Redux, Functional Programming, Estimates, his time at Pixar, and being dadly.

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    Episode 8: Pardon My Japanese

    David and Andrew talk with Jonathan Brake about his best friend, how estimates are evil, project management, unordered and ordered lists, and his cursing children.

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    Episode 7: No Procreation, Just Recreation

    David and Andrew talk with Noah Labhart about learning new technologies, computer science degrees or lack thereof, iOS development, vasectomies, and exercise.

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    Episode 6: Bloody Boogers

    Andrew and David talk about David's newborn Milo, mental boundaries, bloody boogers, skid marks, and testing code.

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    Episode 5: Bald with Beard

    Andrew interviews former co-worker and long time friend Seth Barber. Seth works with Ellislab on the CMS ExpressionEngine. Agency work, beards, raising children, and pens.

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    Episode 4: Tall and Bushy

    David is out due to his little guy being born. Andrew talks with guest Jacob Bennett about dev stacks, close calls with their children, learning, and books they're reading.

    Andrew also learns how to edit / mix a podcast. :D

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    Episode 3: Can't Fake Cow

    David and Andrew talk with Eric L. Barnes about on-demand learning, working out, managing remote-worker life with kids, and books they've been reading.

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    Episode 2: Poop Art

    David and Andrew talk with Erik Aybar about their kid's pee and poop, and balancing life as a dad as a remote worker. They also discuss learning new tools, burning the midnight oil, React, Redux, Reflux, and their reading lists.

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    Episode 1: Forearm Builder

    David Hemphill and Andrew Del Prete talk about getting their start in development, having kids, being healthy as remote workers, learning Vim, and Andrew building

    Sorry about Andrew's mic quality. He's got a new one on the way!

    This episode was sponsored by PushSilver.

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