Dads In Development
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A podcast about dads and geeky stuff

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    Episode 30: Cold Turkey

    Andrew and David talk being grateful in a world full of turmoil, toilet geysers, Thanksgiving dad jokes, and getting started with React.

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    Episode 28: Nuts and Bolts

    Andrew talks the birds and bees with his oldest son, Engineering Retreat, and recent launch of his Promises and Async series. David talks going primitive with Laravel and Vue.

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    Episode 27: Big Fish and PostCSS

    Andrew tells his tale about how he shot a Halibut and David talks PostCSS and Beard V3. Also, more on the notification hiatus.

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    Episode 25: Popping Arms and Burning out

    Andrew and David talk about David's recent return to the Octagon, Andrew's Half Marathon, the latest launch of PushSilver, secret React Native projects, and dealing with burnout.

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