Dads In Development
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A podcast about dads and geeky stuff

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    Episode 25: Popping Arms and Burning out

    Andrew and David talk about David's recent return to the Octagon, Andrew's Half Marathon, the latest launch of PushSilver, secret React Native projects, and dealing with burnout.

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    Episode 21: Night Terrors and Vim

    David and Andrew discuss recent projects, state management, Andrew's journey to Vim enlightenment, and Night Terrors.

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    Episode 19: Parenting and PWAs

    David and Andrew talk with Zack Argyle of Pinterest about Progressive Web Apps, Web Performance, Parenting, Remote Work, and what we're currently reading.

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    Episode 18: C-sections and Side Projects

    David and Andrew discuss the most recent addition to Andrew's household (baby Eden), C-section experiences, David and Andrew's new projects, Crondog and

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