Dads In Development

Dads In Development

A podcast about dads and geeky stuff

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    Episode 19: Parenting and PWAs

    David and Andrew talk with Zack Argyle of Pinterest about Progressive Web Apps, Web Performance, Parenting, Remote Work, and what we're currently reading.

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    Episode 18: C-sections and Side Projects

    David and Andrew discuss the most recent addition to Andrew's household (baby Eden), C-section experiences, David and Andrew's new projects, Crondog and

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    Episode 16: Eggnog Savage

    David and Andrew sit down to catch up on life, David's move to MO, Andrew's cold house, Alaskan pregnancies and deliveries, recreating a react-like library, web performance, and code splitting in Javascript.

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    Episode 15: Catch Up & Mustard

    Andrew and David catch up on all the things. Scary times in the Hemphill household, Moving, Interplanetary Timezones, Testing, Server-side Rendering, Atomic CSS, Game Development, knowing when to shelve a project, having babies, dookie tomatoes, and The Martian.

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    Episode 14: JavaScript Loins

    Andrew and David talk with Michael Freaking Calkins about coming up as a developer, working for Musicbed, his exploits doing Javascript game dev and his love for the sport of airsoft.

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    Episode 13: Crossing the Streams

    David and Andrew talk with another David...David Stanley about his work at Help Scout, Andrew's new project Neckbeard, lego robotics, children learning to program, testing and more.

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    Episode 12: CSS Modules

    David and Andrew talk with Kent C. Dodds and Mark Dalgleish about CSS in Javascript techniques and packages like Aphrodite, CSS Modules, and Atomic CSS.

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    Episode 11: Guerilla Ballfare

    David and Andrew talk with UX Designer Zach Herring about Zach's history, Zach's current role at EMC, Styleguides, Healthy Designer / Developer ratio, Having an empowered team, Casino Royale, and overly progressive design.

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